cPanel cpXstack

InstallationSoftware and Hardware Requirements:

Atleast 500 Mb free space on your drive containing /opt (usually /)
Cpanel version 11.31 or greater
Devel packages to compile PHP from source

The installer will install nginX from the official nginX yum repo and incron from the EPEL repo . PHP and cpXstack files will be installed to /opt/pifpm directory . cpXstack will take some time to install depending on your hardware and other factors like number of accounts . It is strongly advised that you perform the install in a screen session

screen -S cpXstack
chmod a+x
./ install


cpXstack works on filesystem events generated by cpanel software. The first thing to check if you notice a problem will be the status of incron .

root@cpanel2 [/opt/pifpm/scripts]# ps aux|grep incron|grep -v grep
root 6817 0.0 0.0 14080 724 ? Ss 08:52 0:00 incrond

At any time you can regenerate a users config files by running the following command from the commandline

cd /opt/pifpm/scripts

Where USERNAME is the cpanel username For any domain that has nginX+PHP-FPM enabled . Additional nginX configuration can be added by the root user at


where DOMAINNAME is the domain .Ensure that the configuration you are adding to .autoinclude files are error proof ;otherwise nginX will fail to start PHP-FPM custom pool file edits in /opt/pifpm/phpfpm.pool.d/ will be preserved . The cpXstack upgrade process preserves custom changes made to php.ini files as well

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