PHP ile FTP Sunucusundan eski dosyaları otomatik sildirmek

Bunun için aşağıdaki scripti kullanabilirsiniz ;


$host = ""; //Replace with your host
$username = "myUsername"; //Replace with your username
$password = "myPassword"; //Replace with your password
$mode = "passive"; //Leave blank to go to active mode
$dir = "/"; //Put the name of the directory in here where you want to loop through files, put / for root directory
$daysOld = '2'; //Enter the age of files in days, if a file should be deleted that's older than 2 days enter 2
$filesToSkip = array('.','..','.ftpquota'); //Contains the files that the script needs to skip if it comes accross them
$notificationEmail = ''; //The email address to send a notification when file fails to delete
//FTP session starting
$connection = ftp_connect($host);
$login = ftp_login($connection,$username,$password);
if(!$connection || !$login){
    die('Connection attempt failed!');
if($mode == 'passive'){
    //Switching to passive mode
//Calcuting the datetime of todays day minus the amount of 2days entered
$dateToCompare = date('Y-m-d',  strtotime('-'.$daysOld.' days',time()));
//Looping through the contents of the provided directory
 $files = ftp_nlist($connection,$dir); //ftp_rawlist — Returns a detailed list of files in the given directory
 foreach($files as $file){
     //Check if the file is in the list of files to skip, if it is we continue the loop
     if(in_array($file, $filesToSkip)){
     $modTime = ftp_mdtm($connection, $file);
     if(strtotime($dateToCompare) >= $modTime){
         if(!ftp_delete($connection,$file)){ //Deleting the file that needs to be deleted
             //If the file fails to delete we send a mail to the administrator
             mail($notificationEmail, 'FAILED TO DELETE FILE', 'FAILED TO DELETE FILE: '.$file);

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